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Our Environmental Promise

The furniture manufacturing industry is making big moves in processes and delivery to reduce, reuse and renew materials that will create the smallest footprint possible when trying to adhere to high standards in new furniture development.

We are committed to finding new material that do not use dirty tech and chemicals that can pollute our planet and even more so, pollute our bodies. As well sometimes we see that products that are titled eco friendly may use less dirty tech to manufacture however, the lifetime of the product is cut up to 80% making us buy products two to three times over and over that actually create a larger carbon footprint. We are on top of the reality behind the eco movement!

Fabrics that are recycled post consumer products and new PU (polyurethane's) in replacement of old vinyl manufacturing techniques that are PVC free is what we use. Our new direction in achieving a level of corporate responsibility is reflected in our actions. We are always looking for the next better product to use for a better healthier way to furnish your life.

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